Simplifying the way of life
by addressing the day today problems with latest technologies

We are technology enthusiasts and understand the common people's problems better. We belive in conserving natural resources and peaceful co-existence with nature is only way to bright future. Currently in to Embedded systems, loT, Robotics and Al

Readily Available Enterprise IoT Platform

  • Variety of technologies
  • Quickly adaptable and intuitive UI
  • Easily understandable and Graphics rich UI
  • Scalable storage and Customizable Analytics

Custom Solutions and Interoperability

  • Standard and quick custom solutions
  • Retro fit or new requirements can be onboarded
  • Cross platform device compatibility
  • Remote sense, analyse and control

Secure and Robust

  • Highly secured and safe
  • Quickly Scalable
  • Data confidentiality
  • Secured communication

Ni-The Water Saviour


Ni-The Smart Jar