Vendor Features

  1. Web based User and Purifier Details.
  2. All customers Date of Purchase, Product type, Service due date etc.
  3. Real time Diagnostic info of all the customers (Due replacement, faulty, need service).
  4. Geo Location of all the customers on Google Maps.
  5. Send Message and notifications to individual or All customer with customized message.
  6. Send new Offers/Discounts messages to customer.
  7. Customer complaint details and tracking.

The web dashboards

Client Features

  1. App based Purifier Information.
  2. Date of purchase, Diagnostic info (Replacement, Expired etc.)
  3. Due for service reminder.
  4. Customer care / Contact no
  5. Complaint Registration and Follow up.
  6. Option to Raise to Install Request.
  7. Option to Raise Service Request.
  8. View the offers and Discounts.