Ni The Smart Jar

Features :

  1. Real time content quantity to customer on phone and website.
  2. The content could be liquid, solid and semi liquid.
  3. The content consumption data analytics are provided.
  4. Battery powered, charge once use it for 1 month.
  5. Monitor multiple jars in a single app.

Live Smart Jar Status

Daily consumption break up hourly

Past consumption history

The web dashboard

Smart Jar Use case- A coffee vending machine and milk jar

  1. Saving manual effort, no manual checking of jar is required to check the milk availability.
  2. Visit to only those jars, which need to be refilled.
  3. Track the milk consumption every 30 mins, hourly break up is provided on cell phone.
  4. Details of the consumption each day, week, month and year available on cell phone.
  5. More clarity on the misuse/wastage of the milk, helps in addressing those activities.
  6. Consumption details help in planning the purchase of milk.
  7. Management can monitor all the jars remotely.