Ni The Water Saviour

Features :

  1. Wi-Fi based smart water level controller and meter for Individual homes and Apartments.
  2. Automatic motor turn ON/OFF based on the user configurable water upper and lower thresh hold level.
  3. Real time over head water tank water status on cell phone.
  4. Every 10 minutes water consumption details on cell phone, each litre of water consumption is notified.
  5. Water usage history weekly, monthly, yearly provided on cell phone.
  6. Leakage detector, any water leakage at home detection info made available on cell phone.
  7. Monitoring SUMP water level and placing the order to supplier by SMS or email.

Live Water Tank Status

Daily consumption break up hourly

Past consumption history

The web dashboard

Additional Features :

  1. The Apartment block wise consumption and control with below features
    • Monitor 8 overhead tanks
    • Control 8 motors to pump the water
    • Control 2 bore wells
    • Monitor 4 sumps
  2. Automatic control of all the motors and bore wells to make sure that water is always available.
  3. No Manual effort is required.
  4. All the apartment's residents will get the live status and consumption details of all the blocks on their cell phone and web dashboard.
  5. Each block can pay the bill according to their usage.
  6. Individual home users can compare their water consumption with family and friends who have our solution in web dashboard.